(Top Selling) Tax This Dick Benjamin Franklin shirt, v-neck and long sleeve tee

Tax This Dick Benjamin Franklin shirt


Tax This Dick Benjamin Franklin sweatshirt

In the first decades of the 2000s, the music industry underwent drastic changes with the advent of widespread digital distribution of music via the Internet (which includes both illegal file sharing of songs and legal music purchases in online music stores). A conspicuous indicator of these changes is total music sales: since 2000, sales of recorded music have dropped off substantially[2][3] while live music has increased in importance. Tax This Dick Benjamin Franklin. In 2011, the largest recorded music retailer in the world was now a digital, Internet-based platform operated by a computer company: Apple Inc.’s online iTunes Store.[5] Since 2011, the Music Industry has seen consistent sales growth with streaming now generating more revenue per annum than digital downloads. Spotify and Apple lead the way with online digital streaming.

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