Unicorn dabbing whataburger shirt, hooded sweatshirt and v-neck

I love Whataburger like every Texan, but man this is the best chain based burger. You are missing out if you don’t partake. Whataburger did it again lol, that’s why I love Whataburger and the taste, nothing better than Whataburger, and let haters talk lol. Do you like this whataburger? Buy funny shirt now.

Unicorn dabbing whataburger shirt

We went to Whataburger (4111 SW 45th Ave Amarillo, Texas 79109) on for their customer appreciation day. We have a 5 month old and thought it’s be a good opportunity to take a pic with the Easter bunny and as an added bonus, get food. Unicorn dabbing whataburger. We were in line and there was a worker assisting with crowd control. We were informed by a lady that the line for pictures started elsewhere and that we were in the face painting line (she had just gotten her kids pics snapped.) I asked the worker and he went to investigate and try to wrangle the line. We went ahead and went to the picture line to find out that the lines were combined.

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Unicorn dabbing whataburger guy shirt
guy shirt

We decided with a 5 month old, it wasn’t worth getting back into line. An employee (mgr?) came to us and asked if everything was ok. I explained the matter. We weren’t upset, just very aware of the shelf life of an infant’s good mood. The employee told us he wanted to make sure we left happy and walked me over to get a picture of my guy with the bunny and went to help with the line (which was crazy long.) They were also getting their meals out hot and fast! I have always had a deep deep love for Whataburger but now more so.

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Unicorn dabbing whataburger v-neck
Unicorn dabbing whataburger hooded sweatshirt
hooded sweatshirt

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