Unicorn lady shirt, flowy tank, long sleeve tee

Unicorn lady shirt

If you are a sweet lady and you love unicorn, then this shirt for you. Buy it now before lose it forever.On Sunday afternoon a fairy tale became my reality when Todd decided to take advantage of the ending speech time at the closing of Cursillo 171 at Camp St. Christopher. Unicorn lady. Within a few minutes he managed to forever change my life and bless me by professing his love in front of almost 300 of our closest friends!

Unicorn lady shirt

It was a perfect weekend serving God together from Wed. to Sun, and it ended with the love of my life asking me to make a new family with him, Erin, Brooke and Colin. Like the ideal husband to be he asked my father first for his blessing and also asked his son Colin and my daughters Erin and Brooke if they approved of his move.

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Unicorn lady flowy tank
flowy tank

We are blessed that all three of them support this idea. It seems like many people knew before I did but they did a wonderful job keeping it all a secret. I hope someone videotaped it or at least got a photo of this sleep deprived but deliriously happy lady! I would treasure such a visual memory. Since our relationship started over two years ago last August at a Cursillo event called an Ultreya, it was perfectly fitting that we get engaged at another Cursillo event c alled Clausura. The best part was that so many got to be present to see how lucky I am that God picked out Todd for me! He even included Colin who was there live to experience it, but also the girls by trying to have both of them on Facetime to see the proposal. It was awesome! Hopefully someone out there at least snapped a photo. i have one of Todd right before he called me up in front of everyone. The next part was really cool too, Bishop Lawrence laid hands on us and blessed us. What could be better than a relationship initiated by God and nourished by my Cursillo family?

Unicorn lady guy shirt
guy shirt
Unicorn lady long sleeve tee
long sleeve tee

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