We are all scum shirt, hooded sweatshirt, youth tee

We are all scum shirt

Show me a non-shit hole country and i’ll build a wall around it. We are all scum. The one thing that connects us all is that we’re all worthless scum. Knowing that, we should all come together. Join the scum movement here. Buy this shirt now before lose it forever.

We are all scum shirt

Happy 4th! Nobody is free, life is suffering and we are all scum! ol…. this 25 year old tool-bag is running around youtube commenting on all the repo videos saying how we are all “scum-of-the-earth”, “thugs” and we need not be around….. newflash!

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We are all scum guy shirt
guy shirt

If there was no ability for banks to get their cars back if an account fell behind, then they would never make loans for automobiles… which would mean that everybody would either need the cash in their pocket, or stick just with walking… I hope he moves to my service area, that’s all I’m saying… Today, we heard news that President Carter was taking measures to stop de Mariel Exodus. Weare devastated! My parents have been both punished at their place of employment after they notified their superiors of our intent to leave Cuba.

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We are all scum hooded sweatshirt
hooded sweatshirt
We are all scum youth tee
youth tee

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