Whataburger love glitter lips shirt and long sleeve tee

Whataburger love glitter lips shirt

I swear I love whataburger. She always makes me happy. I craved Whataburger while pregnant with my 18 month old. Her first fast food was Whataburger fries, and boy did she love them! So, this Halloween I decided to make my daughter’s Halloween costume; meet your youngest Whataburger employee! Whataburger love glitter lips. Buy this shirt now if you love Whataburger.

Whataburger love glitter lips shirt

What better way to show your costume off than to do a photoshoot at 2, yes 2 Whataburger locations. The staff and customers at both Whataburger locations had a kick out of my daughter’s Halloween costume. They even blessed us with her very own badge!

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Whataburger love glitter lips lady shirt
lady shirt

Wishing a very blessed birthday to my Chavela! I called her and asked what did she want! And she said popeyes and a cinnamon roll from whataburger! Which of course the roll was her birthday cake! Lol! I love her! Because everytime we talk she tells me that when it’s her time she wants to go straight no stopping! Lol! Also, I asked her how many years and she said 15 years! Lol! Whataburger love glitter lips. Had a great time with her! I guess I made her day! Like always! Everyone have a blessed evening stay safe!

Whataburger love glitter lips long sleeve tee
long sleeve tee
Whataburger love glitter lips hoodie

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