William J. Le Petomane Memorial Thruway shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt

William J. Le Petomane Memorial Thruway shirt

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William J. Le Petomane Memorial Thruway shirt

Finally a president that has the guts to stand up to China instead of rolling over for them and their quest for global conquest. Dont know how you do it. Never seen so many people against one man. Please hang in there The Donald, now our Preesident. Love our Flotus. Such class.

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Barbara Blandine was gonna comment, but decided it wasn’t worth it, so I decided to comment about not commenting, just so you know how not worth it this whole discussion is. The Democrats were all wrong about what they said regarding the deal with China. William J. Le Petomane Memorial Thruway. They just won’t own up to it. Who dares go up against one of our best business executives! If someone other than your daughter-in-law reported on that, it might be more believable. You know this man must be great for women. I mean his ex still loves him and defends him. They just don’t agree to the extent of being married. I mean that’s real class right there.

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