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George Washington make America shirt
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In the latest 2016 debate, “George Washington” proclaims, “I made America great!” Our senior class trip was to New York, then Washington DC, went to Mount Vernon, it was beautiful! George Washington make America. One of the most amazing places I have ever been. To stand at the foot of the burial place of the man (and his wife) who led the fight for me to have the right to stand there! Truly moving!  Buy this shirt now before we sell out.

George Washington make America shirt

George Washington would be repulsed by Trump–the materializing of our founders’ fears. (Washington himself was accused of elitism, and he’d more than likely be rejected by today’s GOP). If I remember correctly, they wanted him to be their king, but he refused a monarchy type nation… So the first president he became.

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George Washington make America lady shirt
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Nothing like a president who lives off of the income he earned from the human beings he and his wife owned. Awesome. Thanks for the electoral college, too.  George Washington make America. I visited there a few years back and intend to go back again! Well worth the time spent there. If you go plan to stay all day! Touring Mount Vernon on a winter’s day with few others present, was a moving experience. The fantastic view of the river from the veranda, I venture to guess, is unchanged.

George Washington make America lady v-neck
lady v-neck
George Washington make America youth tee
youth tee